Thinking of moving to a smaller home, or adapting your current home, to accommodate changes in your life?

  • Are you a senior and needing to downsize for various reasons?
  • Is there no one to help you through the process because your family members live far away or have passed on?
  • Do you lie awake at night, wondering what to do to get the end result?
  • Are you worried about how you are going to get your existing house ready for sale?
  • Are you not wanting to downsize yet, but you need some items removed or organized to make your home safer and/or more user-friendly?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions you, or someone you, know needs us.

We can come to your home; assess your situation; and discuss your needs. Only once we understand your unique situation, will we draw up a customized plan of action.

For your free, no obligation consultation, please email us at or call 905-971-9568.