5 Key Questions To Ask When Looking At Assisted Living Facilities

nurse with elderly woman in assisted living facilityMaking the decision to move a loved one into an assisted living facility can be very difficult. There is a lot to consider when finding the right home. You want your loved one to have the care they need but also get the independence they want. Here are several questions to take into consideration that will help you find the appropriate assisted living facility for your senior loved one.

How much will it cost?

Assisted living can be a big investment, it’s important to research your options. There isn’t a standard in how much assisted living will cost. Usually there are many payment options, plus the amount of care your elder needs can play into the overall cost. Price also can vary as to if your senior lives alone or has a roommate.

How many residents live at the center?

When it comes to the size of the living center it varies, some facilities have as few as 10 apartments to many that are huge complexes with over 400 apartments. It’s like choosing to live in a small town or a big city. If a senior enjoys an intimate atmosphere than a smaller facility may be best, or if they are used to a lot of people than the larger facility may be the way to go.

Is there availability?

Obviously, a very important question, if there isn’t availability than you may be put on a wait list. If this is the case always ask how long the wait is and continue looking at other options.

What is the aid to resident ratio?

The reason you’re choosing assisted living is care. It’s important to take the aid to resident ratio into consideration. You want to make sure that no matter the amount of care and assistance is needed, it’s important they are getting the appropriate care.

Does the facility offer specialized care services?

If your family member suffers from a disease that requires special care such as Alzheimer’s disease, you need to make sure that the facility has the appropriately trained staff so that your loved one gets the absolute best care possible.

Deciding the future of a loved one is a major decision and there are many questions that need to be asked. With the five questions above you’ll be able to get a better feel for the type of facility your loved one will feel comfortable in, the cost of it and the care that your loved one will receive.

Post provided by Lifestyle and Family writer Bruce Zander on behalf of The Meadows in Castle Rock, CO.

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