is a division of Be Clutter Free, which was established by Pamela Culp Blanchard in 2009 to assist individuals in the organization, de-cluttering, and maintaining of their home which is their sanctuary.

Pamela’s passion for working with seniors stems from her personal and professional experiences. She explains:

I have dealt with many individuals who have left their homes to move to a retirement home. I know both sides of the story.

I worked for 30 years in a home for the aged, and never regretted one minute of it. I dealt with elderly people coming into the new place of residence. I could feel their hurt, and their family’s hurt; I also know the hurt of clients coming in who had no family that cared enough about them to be there and support them, as well as, the ones whose family members had passed away.

I have personal experience coping with family and parent illness and understand all this encompasses.  I know the emotional difficulties of the transitional steps one may take in caring for their aging loved ones.

For Pamela, senior downsizing is not about profit; it’s about her compassion and empathy for seniors. Pamela’s concern is about being there when they have no one to help them through the process. She will assist in helping their families deal with the downsizing and the next stage of life.

It’s about moving or downsizing with dignity and as little stress as possible. It’s about helping seniors through the process of giving their life possessions to the ones who will cherish them.

It’s all about treating others as she would like to be treated.Marley

It’s about following her passion.

A Certified Staging Professional since 2006, Pamela has been an active member of Professional Organizers in Canada since 2009.

She and her husband have four children and four grandchildren and a fifth one on the way. They also have four cats and a Golden Retriever named Marley who is proud to be the company Mascot.

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