Choosing a Phone That’s Right for Older Users

cell phone for seniorsMobile phones are an essential part of modern life. Everyone, from teens to the elderly people, requires a mobile phone.

The needs of elderly people are very different compared to other people. Handset developers such as Dora Phones have taken this in to consideration and they have come up with a range of handsets specially designed for the elderly people.

They have understood that while elderly people have needs to communicate, it is very difficult for them to do so using the regular phones which are used by younger people. The sleek yet complex design and operating system which is highly desired by the young population may be the reason elderly people are not able to use the phone.  They may resent such phones because with age many people start to have health issues, their eyes are not as sharp as it used to be, they may develop hearing problems or they may be suffering from amnesia.


Regular mobile phones are tiny and have a small keypad. With weakened eyesight and clumsy fingers, these phones are very difficult to make calls and use by the older generation. Phones made for the elderly are designed keeping the functionality in mind and not the looks.

Mobile phones with a large display and big keypad with buttons that are separated from each other have been developed specially for them. This increases the convenience for older people as they can easily read the numbers on the screen and can type the numbers easily using the keypad.


For elderly people suffering from hearing problems, phones equipped with loud speakers with high decibels that are easier to hear are now available in the mobile phone market. These phones are simple and easy to use and can be used with hearing aids in place.

Other Handy Features

Other features that are incorporated in a mobile phone for elderly people are a torch light and long lasting battery. Features such as quick dial buttons are extremely useful for elderly people suffering from dementia or during an emergency.

Previously stored numbers can be automatically dialled on the press of a button using the quick dial feature.

The flaps on the back of the phone also contain a notepad where people can write down important numbers, so that they can easily access them.

Apart from mobile phones, there are fixed line telephones which are specifically developed for elderly people. These fixed line telephones have similar features. While the disadvantage of a fixed line phone is that it does not offer portability. However, these can be useful for elderly people who have a habit of losing their phones. Also, elderly people prefer to stay at home most of the time rather than going out and to use their fixed line telephone more than a mobile.

The Future

With the number of elderly people rising, this market segment is expected to gain popularity. It is expected that new designs will come up in the future which will further simplify communication for elderly people or those with memory or dexterity problems.

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