Christmas Memories Old and New

With Christmas around the corner and the New Year approaching, it’s scary to think that 2013 is already coming to an end. Christmas can be a very stressful time for many people, as of course you are on a time line for purchasing, wrapping, and decorating, as well as planning for family and holiday meals.

For couples with young families, most likely both parents work and are taxi drivers at night to get their children to their after school activities.

As a mother of four grown children, when my kids were little, I would start Christmas shopping midyear so it was not so stressful. The only trouble with that was I would have to hide the purchases for months. Sometimes I would forget what I had bought, then over purchase. So that is when the list of who and what was implemented.

Over the years, you find out by trial and error what works best for you.

For seniors, Christmas is often a season for stress and tears. With the weather change, seniors may be scared to go out shopping for fear they fall, and perhaps they no longer drive. Maybe they have a hard time with the cold. In some cases, their children are deceased and all they have left is memories.

I have been working with a client in her mid-70s for three years. She has never married nor had any children. Her health is slowly deteriorating. She has one older brother, who also has health issues. They live 1.5 hrs away from each other. Unfortunately, they will not be able to spend Christmas together this year, which I am sure will be hard for both of them.

On the upside, today we got all her gifts wrapped, ribboned, and ready to go. Next week we will be decorating the inside of her house to make it festive for Christmas. Like other years, it will take a whole day as she has a lot of homemade decorations which we put out, and she will take the time to reminisce about when she made them at the craft group she used to belong to.

My husband, daughter and I have an annual tradition of dressing up our dogs and taking them into a retirement home to put smiles on faces of dog lovers.

Christmas dogs
If you know anyone that needs help in preparation for the season, please have them call my cell at 905-971-9568.

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