Preparing to Downsize

Today I welcome Moreen Torpy, one of my colleagues from Professional Organizers in Canada, as my first guest blogger.

a journey down memory laneSo you’re thinking of downsizing your home. That can be a frightening concept, especially if you’ve lived in the same place for many years. But there’s a solution to banish that fear.

Why are you downsizing? If it’s to spend more time enjoying life rather than maintaining a large house with lots of empty rooms, that’s a good place to begin planning. What are you most looking forward to doing? Travelling, taking up a new hobby, spending more time with family and friends? Maybe volunteering?

Where will you begin? The best place to start is in a room you seldom use. You will have the least attachment here, so you can work more quickly.

One caveat though—don’t overdo the time you spend on this. It will be very tiring both physically and emotionally. Empty this room as much as possible so you have a place to pack and store the items you’ll be taking with you to your new place.

Basic organizing rules apply to downsizing too. With each item, ask yourself whether you really love it, if you’ve used it in the recent past, if it still fits both you and your lifestyle. Consider how much storage you’ll have in your new place as well. There’s no point trying to move a 3-bedroom home with basement and attic into a one-bedroom condo or apartment. It simply won’t work.

Be ruthless with your decision-making. If any family member wishes to have certain articles, if you can give them now, do so and this will reduce what you need to pack. And they can enjoy using your gifts right away.

The journey down memory lane may be a long one, so take this into account. The whole downsizing process will probably take much longer than you expect, especially when you begin going through memorabilia.

Decide what you will definitely use in your new place first. If you don’t already use your best china, now is the time to begin and leave the everyday dishes behind. Or, you might give that china to a family member and purchase new, more practical replacements. This is the time to enjoy your things so keep only those that you love around you.

Enjoy the journey! The destination will be a whole new world of experiences ready for you to enjoy and embrace. Happy landings!

What can you do today to begin downsizing?

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Moreen Torpy is the De-Clutter Coach, a Trained Professional Organizer, Author, and Speaker. Her new book is Going Forward: Downsizing, Moving and Settling In. See for more about the book including where to purchase it, and to learn about her organizing services.

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