Putting a Smile on Someone’s Face

Christmas, decorationsI have a client, let’s call her Sally.

Sally never married, nor did she have any children. She is a senior.  She lives alone in her home.  All of her relations – brother, nieces, nephew – live afar so she has no one to help her.

Sally has been my ongoing client for 1 ½ years. She books me to work approximately three times a month, sometime even more, for clutter control/organizing, running errands, gardening, and seasonal decorating.

Last Christmas she booked me for three days: one day for decorating her house, one day to help her do wrapping, and one day for undecorating.

As we undecorated, we prepared for next year’s decorating. We used bins, which were numbered and labelled as to what was in them, e.g. tree decorations. While I was placing items in the bins, Sally was making her own detailed lists.

Sally’s decoration are stored in her basement, and due to health limitations, she is unable to carry her bins up or down the stairs, nor does she climbs ladders any more, but my service for seasonal decorating helps my client still get in the festive mood.Christmas dogs

Mascot Marley puts a smile on elderly faces at Christmas time too.

Every Christmas morning, Marley and his friend Ella  put on their outfits and tour our local seniors home. Not all seniors are fortunate enough to be able to visit their families, so Marley and Ella go in to cheer them up.

Merry Christmas from Be Clutter Free

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