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  • Conduct a free consultation
  • Develop plan of action according to client’s timeline and budget
  • Act as liaison between client, family members, and lawyer, if required
  • Review floor plan of new residence, if available
  • Help client decide which items of furniture to take with them according to size and sentimental value
  • Take items that are no longer required to charitable organizations
  • Distribute heirlooms, if applicable
  • Rent a bin if there is a large amount of broken items and/or garbage
  • Ensure proper disposal of items which cannot be donated, including toxins
  • Arrange for antique dealer or auctioneer, if required
  • Sort, pack, and label belongings
  • Notify utility companies and arrange for hook-ups at new address
  • Schedule movers
  • Make plans for clients to be taken out for lunch on moving day to reduce their stress

Moving Day:

  • Oversee movers
  • Ensure bathroom, kitchen, and bedroom items are loaded on truck last so they can be set up first at new home
  • Coordinate team at new residence to commence unpacking
  • Completely set up kitchen, washroom, bedroom and remaining rooms, in order of importance
  • Hang wall pieces

Post Move:

  • Complete any set-up that did not get done on moving day
  • Do any shopping required for new residence
  • Ensure the old residence is prepared to go on the market, arranging for painting, repairs and/or staging, as needed
  • Recommend a realtor to handle the sale of the property

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