In order for individuals to be able continue to stay at home as their health and strength declines, the home may require changes to keep it safe.

Step 1: Ask your doctor for a referral to CCAC.

Step 2: A case manager will come and visit you to assess your needs and see if  you are able to remain in your home.

Step 3: We can assist by making the home modifications and arranging for the services recommended by the case manager. There is a lot of help available to enable you to remain in your home; together we can explore these resources.

Placement of furniture can also be a big safety factor in your home. With my experience with respect to furniture placement, health and safety knowledge, together we can make your home a safe and happy haven.

Sample Projects

I recently helped a senior by removing clutter off the floor as it was a tripping hazard. I then organized all required items within arm’s reach.  She was afraid to go into the basement for supplies as the stairs had only one handrail. As you can see in this picture, an additional handrail was installed to aid going up and down the stairs.

safety handrail

We enabled another senior to continue living alone by installing items such as a built-up toilet seat, grab bars, a tub chair, a phone by her bed, and by registering her with Meals on Wheels and Medic Alert.

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