Seniors Considering Downsizing: A Moving Checklist for Helping You Decide What Stays & What Goes

moving checklistThis is the tough part. Where do you begin if your current home is packed full of years of accumulation? How do I decide what stays and what goes? Here’s a simple checklist to help you in this process… and remember, it’s never too early to begin planning.

Start by space planning to determine what will fit in the new home.

Sorting through your belongings:

Start in rooms that will be easier (i.e., not being used).

Take it a room at a time = less overwhelmed.

Start with larger items to decide how much space you need.

Save the family photos and treasures for last.

Call a family meeting to distribute personal belongings and share your memories about each item before giving it away.

Determine what to keep, what goes to family and friends, what to donate, what to trash and what to sell (it’s OK to re-gift).

When in doubt, throw it out. If you can’t bear to lose the memory of an item, take a picture of it before you let it go.

Keep a list and mark all items.

What does go, arrange for an auction (including E-Bay), Garage Sale or Estate Sale.

Have a moving party and share the favorite memories of your home.

Pass on the history of your home to the new owner to keep the memories alive.

JoJo Harmon is a realtor with Prudential California Realty in Orange County California and has earned the Seniors Real Estate Specialist designation (SRES). Realtors with the SRES designation have demonstrated the knowledge and expertise to counsel senior clients through lifestyle transitions. She specialized in residential homes, relocations, investment properties, senior 55+ housing and fine homes and estates from Newport Beach to San Clemente.

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