What Are Active Adult Living Communities?

Seniors in the Hot tubWhen it comes to downsizing your home, there are many options and it can be confusing to figure out which one is right for you. My guest blogger today will shed some light on one of those options.

When you hear the term ”retirement community,” what comes to mind? I think of a place that isn’t exactly what I would call exciting unless you like to be able to hear a pin drop.  I think retirement communities have a stigma attached to them.  However, when you hear the term “active adult living communities,” how does that sound?  Probably a lot better huh?  Now before you start thinking that it is merely a matter of semantics and that “retirement communities” and “active adult living communities” are the same thing, think again.  They are vastly different.

What Are Active Adult Communities?

I think one of the main stigmas associated with retirement communities is the reality that you need assistance and are in some way dependent on someone else’s care.  With that being said, that is primarily what distinguishes active adult communities from retirement communities.  The residents are independent of anyone else’s care.

So, the real question is, “Why would someone want to live in an active adult community?”  The answer is simple: lifestyle.  These communities offer a resort-style lifestyle.  First of all, you own your own property just like you would normally, but these “resorts” offer certain amenities that you would certainly not see in your average neighborhood.  Everything from mini golf, to private movie theatres, to dancing, private gyms, swimming pools, etc. can be found in these communities.  You name it, and you can probably find it at these communities.  Also, they are typically located near medical facilities.

Who Are These Communities Designed For?

Typically you must be 55 years of age or older to “get in” to one of these communities.  Also, given that the residents are expected to be independent, you want to make sure that “independent living” is something that is of interest.  Also, because of the many amenities that are included in these resort-style communities, they are very well suited for children.  So, if you have grandchildren, they will certainly love coming to visit.  So, remember, when you imagine these communities, it’s not about giving up your dependence, it’s about entering into the retirement lifestyle that you’ve worked so hard to achieve.

Added Benefits to Living in an Active Adult Community

I realize that selling the home you raised your kids in to move into a foreign community may seem like a difficult choice to make, but here are some added benefits to doing so:

Sense of Community

It becomes more difficult to meet and make friends as we get older, however, since most people in these communities will be of a similar age as you, socializing becomes all that much easier.

Smaller Homes

Let’s face it.  If it is just you and your spouse, you don’t need as much space as you did when you were raising your kids.  The home styles offered at these communities will be a perfect fit for just the two of you.

Less Yard Maintenance

Many of these communities provide, via their Home Owners Association, lawn service, snow and ice removal, garden upkeep, etc.

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